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Dog With Two Mouths, One Where Her Ear Should Be Is Much Loved

Toad is a 6-year-old dog that looks unusual from other dogs because she has a second mouth where her ear should be. However, this hasn’t stopped her from having an endearing personality.

When she first came at the shelter, the staff was astonished by her looks. She was also a little violent, so they had to gag her before taking her to the veterinarian, where she calmed down after making eye contact with her rescuers.

About 200 dogs have been spared since the Mutt Misfits group was started by shelter workers who were motivated by Toad to aid all companion animals with unique needs, damaged, disfigured, or sick who are headed for death.

Toad has an additional mouth on his ear, which is connected to his main mouth and has three teeth and salivary glands, but he cannot chew because he lacks a jaw. It needs to be cleaned and brushed frequently.

Numerous ideas were up by veterinarians regarding this malformation, however the most likely explanation is because she absorbed her sibling in the womb.

Despite having a second mouth, Toad is a healthy, affectionate dog who enjoys spending time with his favorite humans.

Toad’s X-rays, according to Bored Panda, reveal the following:

His skull’s form is visible in the first picture. His skull is more bulbous because of the additional orbital bone that surrounds his eye socket, which is likely from the twin’s skull that he received while still in the womb.