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Woman In Bahamas Rescues 97 Dogs And Brings Them Home To Protect Them From The Hurricane

Chella Phillips, a resident of Nassau, Bahamas, was unable to stomach the idea of all the stray dogs trapped in Hurricane Dorian’s path with nowhere to go. She then led them inside by opening her doors.

In the past four years, Chella has assisted in saving around 1,000 stray dogs in the Bahamas.

She is the director of The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas, a charity organization that takes care of stray canines.

Although Chella is no stranger to animal rescue, she certainly never anticipated she’d be taking in over 100 dogs after a storm destroyed areas of the Bahamas. However, she actually did that.

Posted on Facebook by Chella

“There are 97 dogs in my house, and 79 of them are in my living room.”

She uttered:

“Since yesterday night, there has been continual poop and urine, but at least they have been respectful of my bed and haven’t ventured to leap. The house is filled with music, and they can feel the air conditioning blowing on them.”

Thanks to the folks who gave her some cages, this woman was able to bring several less fortunate people home.

She uttered:

“Thanks, I truly needed that for the ill and fearful.”