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This Was Audrey, A Turtle Who Spent Years Living In A Bucket Before She Was Rescued

This was Audrey, a 24 years old turtle who was born like a normal red eared slider, but as she grew, her shell went totally deformed because of her owner not taking proper care of her. During 20 years, Audrey lived in a bucket full of cold water, without filter, without solar light and being only fed with egg whites. As she managed to grow, her shell turned this abnormal way in order to survive.

When her owner passed away, Audrey was taken to a shelter to be put to sleep, but the vet took pity on her and gave Audrey a second chance. This way, Audrey ended in “Little Res Q”, a shelter for turtles and reptiles in Toronto, Canadá, where she has worked (yes, she worked!) as a spokes-turtle for animal cruelty against reptiles for the last 4 years. Members of “Little Res Q” affirm that no one polarized people to this cause more than she did.

On April 30th of 2015, Audrey passed away, at last free of her tormented body, but her last 4 years of life were the best she could wish, pampered in luxury. People at Little Res Q still keep trying to find good homes for abandoned and mistreated reptiles.