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A Factory Farm Chicken That Escaped Finds Love And Happiness In Its New Home

Despite the fact that factory farms are among the cruelest places on earth, we occasionally come across hopeful tales, such as the one of this chicken that fled from a farm, was saved, and later discovered something that many of these creatures would never experience: a permanent home.

The terrified animal was able to change his life with the aid of a married couple and the Open Cage group.

An organization called Open Cage is working to shut down these factories because it opposes these kinds of enterprises.

The starved and frozen hen was discovered in the yard of a Danish home in the dead of winter.

She had fled a farm and was seeking for a secure spot when she found herself all by herself and terrified.

Knowing the truth, Lina Lind Christensen and her husband, who run an animal sanctuary, chose to adopt the timid chicken they called Victoria. She spent a good deal of time sleeping once she got home because she had been on a lengthy escape adventure.

Over time, Victoria experienced feelings of safety and affection and comfort from her human rescuers that she had never experienced before. She started to exhibit unusual habits, such as sleeping with Lina’s husband, because she felt so comfortable and protected with them.