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Dog Rakes In Two Shy Kittens And Shows Them Love After Being Found

About a month ago, a pair of kittens, aged 10 to 12 weeks, were discovered in the backyard of a house in New York City. Rescuers had to use traps to catch the kittens because they were too timid to approach people.

The kittens were eventually captured after much effort, and they were then taken to a nearby municipal shelter for a second shot at life.

When Asa, a volunteer, learned about the situation and saw that the kittens required a foster home, he immediately offered to assist.

Kona, her 7-year-old dog, was eager to take care of the new foster children since she and her human mother are both passionate about it. However, Kona has not had a kitten for a few days because her previous litters had been adopted by their forever owners.

“We were able to improve Kona’s mood after seeing how discouraged and depressed she was.”

The lovely kitty visited Blair’s foster house first, but she was too nervous to speak with Kona. Since her birth, she had had very little interaction with humans, and she didn’t appear to be interested in connecting with those around her.

Kona immediately walked up to the carrier to greet the new guest and welcome him to her house, as though she knew just what she needed. The timid cat was gradually overwhelmed by her kind, tender care as the small dog insisted on giving her a bath of hugs and kisses and insisted on following Blair.


The kitten stayed and sucked up all the love Kona was giving her, despite the fact that her instincts urged her to hide. Soon, Blair started to rumble about the house while purring, even attempting to sooth the small puppy as though she were her mother.