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A Sweet Dog Who Recently Lost Her Puppies Adopts 3 Newborn Kittens Who Urgently Needed Help

Stacee Jones is a dog and cat rescuer who has taken in over 100 animals. She believed she’d seen it all until a few months ago, when she took in three creatures who needed each other individually adjacent to the Jelly’s Place shelter in San Pablo, California (United States).

The lady was first contacted to assist a dog who had recently lost her puppies and had been abandoned in the streets behind a garbage. The rescue organization asked her whether she could also take in three newborn kittens who had lost their mother not long after.

Stacee decided to give it a shot when the kittens arrived.

She explained to The Dodo:

“I was quite cautious. I sat with a kitten and close to the mother dog. To observe how he would respond, I cautiously showed him the cat. I was concerned she’d snarl or that she wouldn’t take it well ».

Stacee was frightened, so she simply held her breath and waited for the dog’s reply. To her astonishment, something amazing happened: she received the first kitten right away and licked it.

Stacee presented the pup to the other two kittens after waiting a few moments and making sure she was comfortable.

Stacee recalls that special time and adds,

“She sat down and caressed them in her direction. She let them to nurse. She had a motherly demeanor. She understood exactly what she had to do right now ».

The rescuer did not hide her surprise as she observed the scenario and saw how the dog lovingly nursed and cared for the kittens; her emotion was so strong that she began to cry; she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Moving into a larger pen made the cute new family feel much more at ease. Keeper, the new mother, looked after the cats for 5 weeks.

Stacee explained:

“‘This is so wonderful,’ I thought. This was the first time I’d ever seen anything like that. It everything fell into place fast, as it should.”