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Rescued Dog Gets Help From Hundreds Of People And Now Has The Best Family

The touching story of a blind dog who was abandoned at an animal shelter by his owners has captivated hundreds of people who want to help him find the ideal home.

After having his eyes removed due to an undiagnosed eye infection, Louis, a 3-year-old Labrador/German shepherd mix, was released to a California kennel.

Knowing that his former family had abandoned him, Helen Woodward Animal Center rescued him and transported him to their facility in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

After the surgery, they chose to give up their dog since they couldn’t adjust to life with a blind dog. Which had stayed in these conditions because the callous family had refused to give medical assistance in a timely manner.

Louis was heartbroken and anxious when he arrived to the animal facility, as he had never been there before.

A medical examination found that the dog had previously untreated injuries, including a fractured leg from a vehicle accident.

In a statement, Hella Tyler, the animal center’s director, said:

“It’s critical that individuals who are thinking about getting a pet are aware of the responsibilities they take on with these creatures.”

The center’s staff was heartbroken to learn how Louis had been abused in his previous home, but they were determined to help him turn his life around. As a result, the rescue center placed the dog in a foster home, where he could adjust to life without sight while being supported by his new family.

But they realized that wasn’t enough, since Louis needed a permanent family to begin the next chapter of his life. As a result, the shelter staff decided to post a video of Louis and numerous images of him on Facebook in the hopes of finding him the right family.

Hundreds of individuals were influenced by the staff’s publishing, and they did not hesitate to leave a like and a remark.

After the story went viral, the center released an update on the case, stating that hundreds of genuine answers had been received.

On Facebook, the following was posted:

“All we have to say is… Thank you!” We are astounded by how deeply Louis’ tale has affected all of you who have contacted us in the last 24 hours. We anticipated that this narrative would be challenging, and that many of you would want to participate.

Staff claimed they got contributions, adoption applications, and offers of free services for Louis in addition to hundreds of phone calls and emails.

The animal facility got $12,000 in donations from across the world in only 24 hours, and they are still coming in.

In a statement, the center’s vice president, Renee Resko, said:

“The outpouring of support and generosity has astounded and moved us. Louis is just one of many animals we’ve encountered who have been mistreated or abused, and each one of them has broken our hearts.”

People who were familiar with Louis’s background also expressed their displeasure, questioning what would happen to the prior owners legally.