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Man Finds An Abandoned Egg And Helps It Become An Adorable Parakeet

You would assume that caring for an abandoned newborn cat or puppy is a difficult task, but this man discovered and cared for an abandoned egg, which he helped grow into a beautiful budgie. Helping to hatch a little parakeet egg and then caring for it seems to take a lot of time and effort.

On his YouTube account, A Chick Called Albert, the man videotaped the entire procedure. You can witness all the way he traveled with support to become a lovely parrot in the video that documents the development of a little egg abandoned in a pet store.

In the video, the guy explains:

“I was in a pet store when something weird caught my eye. On the floor of the parakeet’s cage, there was a little egg. Only a male parakeet was visible. The owner informed me that the female had recently been sold. Fortunately, he was delighted to offer me the egg ».

According to Bored Panda, the man decided to act to preserve the abandoned egg as soon as he observed it. When the egg was handed to him, he went home eager to see life blossom in an incubator in a few days.

Fortunately, a heart could be observed beating inside the egg after only a few days of incubation. In the video, the man describes how he had to flip the egg three times a day to keep the developing bird from clinging to the shell.

The bird eventually began to hatch on day 19 of caring for the abandoned egg in the incubator, and the guy was overjoyed.

However, the man recognized that this was merely the beginning of a long journey. The parakeet was little and delicate, and it required to be fed at least eight times a day, in addition to round-the-clock attention.

The guy explains:

“I needed food, and as I’d never had a parrot before, I’d researched all there was to know about feeding one. It could be possible, but it would be difficult…