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Dog Is Caught On Camera Saving A 14-Year-Old Dog Who Fell Into The Pool

Luna and Caipirinha are two adorable tiny puppies that share a wonderful and enduring connection. The house’s surveillance camera caught one of them, saving the other 14-year-old who had fallen into the pool. Luna had lost a bit of her vision due to her senior age and had fallen into the sea by mistake.

Luna’s mother, Julieta Firpo, was taken aback when she saw daughter walk into the house dripping wet; it seemed surprising that she had opted to go swimming in the pool, given Luna’s lack of adventure.

Caipirinha tried to help Luna right away when she noticed she was in difficulty, nervously attempting to inform the other dog how to go to the shallow end of the pool, then pulling her collar and dragging her to a safe location.

According to Juliet, who spoke to The Dodo,

“We couldn’t believe it when we viewed the footage.”

The horrific occurrence did not have deadly repercussions thanks to Caipirinha’s affection for her sister and best friend Luna, and now the mother of the dogs is considering sealing the pool area so that Luna is secure at all times.