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Dog Did Not Stop Barking Until A Motorcyclist Followed Him Where There Was A Baby

Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his motorbike in the highlands of Cebu City, Philippines, late last year when he came upon a dog who growled and barked ceaselessly and followed him the entire way. He acted as though he was attempting to gain your attention.

The biker thought the dog was trying to tell him something, so he pulled over to the side of the road and approached.

Junrell was told to follow him by the obviously destitute canine, who brought him to a rubbish dump, where he was surprised. There was a little lump on the ground that looked to move in the area, so he approached it to see what it was.

A member of the Hope For Strays rescue group, Gea Ybarita, told The Dodo:

Junrell was taken aback when he discovered a newborn wrapped in a brown towel. Because she discovered him on top of a mountain, the location is remote ».

Junrell didn’t hesitate to pick up the baby and take him to the local police station, where the social welfare agency stepped in to help.

The infant was located just in time and was in good health thanks to the dog’s quick and courageous response. The story of the dog’s bravery was widely publicized, and many people wanted to assist him.

As a result, people from all across the world have come forward to help.

As a result, Hope for Strays decided to travel to the highlands in the hopes of tracking down the famed dog.


During their quest, they came across a man named Blacky who claimed to be the dog’s owner. The man brought them to his house, where they found Blacky along with three other dogs, confirming that he was not a stray.

The volunteers were calm at the time since Blacky had a loving home, but it was evident that his family needed assistance.

The man stated that his dogs are never hungry and that he takes good care of them regardless of the scenario.