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Mother Cow Hides Her Newborn Baby To Protect It From The Farmer

She was a dairy cow whose calves were repeatedly taken from her by the farmer, and she was so heartbroken by the memories of her past offspring that she concealed her newborn calf to avoid having it taken from her as well.

Clarabelle was saved from a dairy farm by Edgar’s Mission, an Australian sanctuary, only hours after she was slaughtered on the farm because her milk supply had run out.

Clarabella’s pregnancy was discovered by the volunteers when she arrived at the shelter. She noticed she was acting unusual a week before giving birth.

Normally, she would start off hungry, keep a safe distance away, and after some searching, they would discover that she had surreptitiously given birth and hidden the baby in a tall grassy area.

The maternal instincts of cows are well-known. Dr. Holly Cheever chronicled a story from her early days as a dairy veterinarian in which a pregnant cow gave birth to twins and left just one in sight, knowing that her farmer would remove her kid.

She concealed the other one in the grass until the farmer realized her milk supply had diminished, at which point she discovered the baby and stole him as well.