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An Adorable Pit Bull Is Finally Adopted After Spending 216 Days At An Orange County Animal Shelter

A pit bull gets adopted after spending 216 days at an animal shelter after a kind-hearted guy learnt of his tragic story from the local news in Orange County (United States).

Tonka, a 7-year-old pit bull, got her ultimate home last month after spending a lengthy period with Orange County Animal Services (OCAS). Tonka was only five days away from breaking the shelter tenure record, despite being an enthusiastic and lively dog.

Wilfredo Vega, a South Daytona resident, was fortunate enough to learn about the dog’s plight and chose to adopt him.

Tonka’s surprise adoption was publicized in a Facebook post on November 21 by shelter authorities, who included a photo of the cat with his new family.

On Facebook, Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) stated:

“We are confident that this youngster will never have to leave the warmth of his home again after spending 216 days in a shelter this year.”

Tonka had been abandoned in the backyard of his previous residence when he arrived at the animal shelter in April. OCAS recounted how they found Tonka and why they had to leave him in a news statement.

The prior owner was contacted by shelter personnel, who stated that he had to relocate and was having difficulty finding her a new home. As a result, the former instructor decided to bring the gorgeous pit bull to the animal shelter, where he would be placed with a family.

Tonka was adopted twice during his seven-month stay at the shelter, but both times he was returned.

In a press statement, Diane Summers, Manager of Shelter Services, said:

“Tonka is a charming young man who has the ability to seduce women. We’ve struggled to find him a long-term home since he’s demonstrated that he has to be the only dog in the house, which severely limits the pool of potential adopters… ».

Tonka’s posts were shared on the shelter’s Facebook page in the hopes of finding the proper family for her adoption. His tale had such an effect that it was covered by various local media sources.

Wilfredo inquired about taking Tonka home after hearing his terrible story, which he finally did for the holidays.

Wilfredo told Spectrum News 13 that his mother had recently died from Covid-19 problems, and that he didn’t want to enjoy Christmas. Tonka’s narrative, on the other hand, changed his mind and prompted him to adopt it because “it was the proper thing to do,” as his mother taught him.