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Workers At This Shelter Say Good Night To Each Dog Every Night

Animal welfare groups exist to safeguard and provide a second opportunity for rescued animals, but the personnel at this shelter make them feel at ease and even say goodnight.

Always and Ever Midwest Animal Sanctuary is a sanctuary in Spring Hill, Tennessee, dedicated to making rescued canines feel at ease. There is a wide space known as “the little red barn” where the dogs may hang out together and explore, play, and wander freely.

Because the majority of the sanctuary’s residents come from overcrowded shelters, having a calm location is ideal.

The diverse parts of the shelter are frequently modeled to their potential home setting, allowing the dogs to live stress-free and comfortably.

The major goal is to make them feel like they are in a genuine home until they are adopted by a loving family.

Miranda Munden, a Shelter member, told The Dodo:

“We’ll look after them until their true family finds them, and if that day never comes, we’ll have served as that home and family in their dying days.”

Having dogs in a household atmosphere also aids in the transition process when they are adopted and find their permanent home. As a result, all of the sanctuary employees strive to make the environment as welcoming and comfortable as possible for the dogs.

Miranda continued, ”

“There’s a kitchen with allusive paintings, a laundry room (which is always in use), a dog door that goes to one of our four large fenced yards, and, of course, a room full of beds, kennels, and leather sofas.” donated”.

They also have a separate area with stakes for dogs that wish to be alone or take a break from the pack.

Additionally, they arrange the mood with soothing classical music that plays continuously, calming the dogs and easing their hearing.

It is critical for the personnel that all of the dogs feel at home in the shelter, which is why they are given extra care and individual attention.

Even at night, each dog goes to his or her own bed, gets nestled in, and is then given a nice night’s sleep.

Miranda remarked:

“Every night, we make a point of walking up to each dog and tucking them in, assuring them that they are secure, loved, and wishing them a good night.” Then we switch on the moonlight and turn out the lights.”