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Dog Who Was Chained Up His Whole Life Looks Completely Different Now

Odin was rescued from a pair of breeders in October 2018 who had severely mistreated him and numerous other dogs. The poor dog had been chained and ignored for a long time, and it was showing. When Southern Pines Animal Shelter and Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississippi picked him up, he was in terrible shape, and they realized they needed to get him to a vet and then into a loving foster home as soon as possible.

Sydney Schelkopf, Odin’s foster mother at the time, couldn’t believe her eyes when she first met him. He didn’t even resemble a dog, much less the fluffy Alaskan malamute that he was meant to be.

“Poor Odin looked like he’d stepped out of a nightmare,” Schelkopf said to The Dodo. “He was malnourished, nearly bald, covered with scars, with cracked and broken teeth, and he was very feeble.” Because of his terrible skin problems, he had a foul odor. Basically, this poor guy had everything wrong with him!”

Odin had no idea what to do or how to act when he initially arrived in his new foster home. He appeared befuddled, as if he’d never had so much freedom to go about and investigate before. Odin seems to have never been allowed to just be a dog before, which crushed the heart of his new foster parent.

Schelkopf remarked, “I honestly don’t know if Odin has ever been inside a house before.” “He smelled the entire home and kept gazing at me, as if to say, ‘What’s the catch?’” He would basically lay in a position for weeks after I received him. I couldn’t persuade him to play with toys or act like a ‘normal dog,’” says the owner.

Odin gradually realized that there was no catch after some time had passed. Odin was always thankful to this woman for agreeing to take him in and love him, even if it was only for a short time.

Schelkopf had just intended to nurture Odin at first, but it quickly became evident that Odin had chosen his lifelong home and would not be leaving.

“He was bold enough to come to bed with me the second night I took him home,” Schelkopf recalled. “He got onto the bed and put his skinny body on me, looking up at me with such passionate eyes and sighed in such a loving hug,” she said. Odin had finally made his way to where he needed to be.”

Odin’s health had to be sorted out once he was formally designated as a foster failure. Odin was a complete mess when he first came at his new home, but with a lot of love and care, he gradually began to become…

…and soon, he appeared to be an entirely different dog, the fluffy, confident Alaskan malamute he had always been.

While Odin still has some health issues to overcome, his new family is working hard to conquer them, and his mother hopes that he will soon be able to run and play for as long as he wants and go on as many adventures as his new mother can.

Schelkopf added, “He is presently getting heartworm treatment, which has been a hard fight.” “Everyone has good days and terrible days. We’ll have some corrective surgery on his teeth when we finish our heartworm treatment. Unfortunately, many of them are in poor condition, and we will do everything we can to help them as much as possible!”