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Recent Grad And Beloved Dog Recreate Photo From His First Day Of School

Time isn’t just measured in months and years; it’s also measured in wonderful memories formed along the road.

Just ask Ruger, a wonderful dog. He’s amassed a big fortune.

Ruger was a puppy when Corie Bliss and her family acquired him more than a decade ago. Since then, he’s brought them delight at every turn.

Bliss told The Dodo, “We try to bring him with us everywhere.” “He’s really devoted to his family.”

Ruger quickly became friends with Bliss’ kid, Dylan, when he was a puppy. Dylan, who was just a small child when they first met, has achieved nearly every milestone thus far with Ruger at his side. And Bliss recently discovered a great method to express it.

“I was going through some old photos and came across Dylan’s first day of first grade photo with Ruger, when Ruger was a puppy,” Bliss explained.

Bliss couldn’t help but cry when she saw the two photographs side by side and saw the years-long connection portrayed there:

“There’s a lot of mascara flowing,” she explained. “There are so many memories.”

Dylan concurs.

He told The Dodo, “Having Ruger with me throughout school was amazing.” “I always remember arriving home and being met by Ruger at the door, no matter what grade I was in.”

Ruger is still making memories, despite the fact that he is an elderly dog with health issues.