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Teenagers Were Playing In The Snow, Then They See A Paw Sticking Out He Was Fighting For His Life

For people who feel that since they are human, they are superior to other animals and that their lives matter far more than anybody else’s, animal rights may be difficult to accept.

That antiquated mindset is what puts the numerous atrocities to which diverse species are subjected front and center.

Two helpless, juvenile equines were abandoned in the middle of a snowstorm, and it appeared that whomever abandoned them had the deadliest intentions.

The event occurred a few weeks ago in Portillo de Lunada, Burgos (Spain), and was brought to light by Noelia LD’s Facebook post.

They were two burritos with wounded legs and visible evidence of maltreatment on their bodies who were also on the verge of succumbing to hypothermia owing to the frigid conditions.

One of the horses was fully buried in the snow, with just one leg visible, while the other was lucky enough to find shelter in a haystack.

When a bunch of adolescents were having fun in the snow, they discovered the victims and decided to help them. The Nature Protection Service is currently caring for the suspected siblings (SEPRONA).

The animals were treated and had a medical check-up, and now they’re attempting to find their owner so they can teach him a lesson at the highest level of the law.

The offender will not face any additional charges because the horses survived, and because they are deemed “package animals,” their injuries do not appear to be of much concern to the law.

Faced with this bizarre situation, Noelia from Spain decided to publish the issue on Facebook and use the power of social media to attempt to get the owner of both burritos to pay a fine.

“Shame!!! Two donkeys abandoned to their destiny in the snow on the climb up to the Lunada gate (Cantabria), their hooves in such a state that they can scarcely stand up. Some lads rescued one of them, who was buried up to his neck in snow. They saved his life, but I’m not sure how long it will last. “I hope Seprona responds appropriately,” Noelia posted on Facebook.

Humanity still has a lot to think about and change before all of these injustices are a thing of the past, but rejecting them and speaking up for those who can’t is always a good start. We hope that the authorities give careful consideration to the destiny of these helpless creatures.