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Very Sick Lion Had No Hope Of Survival Until He Found Love

This is the story of two lions named Kahn and Sheila that were being exploited. Along with other lion cubs belonging to the same owner, they were utilized as party entertainment.

The health of these couple of lions was in jeopardy. Fortunately, they were saved by In-Sync Exotics, a Texas Wildlife Rescue and Education Center.

Kahn was malnourished when he was six years old, and as a result, he had bone abnormalities that limited his movement, as well as worry and tension.

He chewed his tail because to the tension produced by the tough circumstance that was occurring; thanks to his kind disposition, it was simple to execute the necessary remedies.


Sheila, on the other hand, was in a more complicated position; she was 15 months old and couldn’t even stand; she appeared to have little hope of saving herself, and she was constantly vomiting. She had toxoplasmosis, a condition that causes lethargy and loss of appetite, as well as vitamin A insufficiency.

Despite the challenging scenario, In-Sync Exotics refused to give up and began the necessary treatments right away.

Vicky Keahey, the founder of In-Sync, told The Dodo.

“I had to go visit Sheila and feed her by hand for two weeks.” She’d roll meat balls with her hands and force them down her neck.”

No therapy seemed to work until the two lions were placed in adjacent cages and began to socialize with each other behind bars like lovers.

After Sheila was spayed, the In-Sync team decided to give the lions three months of short contacts with a supervisor; the dates were extended, and they decided to let them spend the night together; there was no longer any supervision, and they began to share the same cage.