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She was battling for her life, pregnant, weak, and collapsing, with no one attempting to help her

Although most people enjoy the company of a pet and the thought of getting rid of their dog or cat is unlikely to occur to them, coexistence between humans and animals is not always successful.

There are many hairy ones who walk around helpless, rejected, sad and without someone to love them.

This is the story of a dog named Lisa, who was found lying on the road, on the cold asphalt, prey to human ignominy. She was pregnant and, apparently, this did not matter to her alleged assailant, as she was seriously injured.

When she was found by an angelic child, the little girl didn’t even have enough strength to get up, making her rescue even more difficult. Despite her story being posted on social media, no one else reached out to help her.

When at last a pro-animalist organization echoed the situation, it was too late to bring their little puppies to safety. She lost them all, tragically and quietly, in the midst of her grief.

“A boy found that a pregnant stray dog ​​was attacked and thrown on the road. We rushed to meet her immediately, but could not find her. Our volunteers kept looking for her and then we found her walking down the road, ”reported the Animal Rescue organization.

And this is the story of many beings like Lisa, without a voice, who live the lack of love of the beings in whom they once trusted, believed, loved with all their being, and who then must deal with this type of situation.

“It looks like she had just given birth, but unfortunately she lost all her puppies, suffering from rectal prolapse and being depressed. We were concerned that she might run away if we approached her with food, but fortunately the food caught her eye, ”added a spokesperson for the organization.

Little by little, but with great effort and firm step, the group of volunteers approached the canine and managed to take her to safety, to help her in her rehabilitation. However, this was not easy. It took a long process for it to begin to improve.

Fortunately, Lisa managed to be rescued, she is in the process of recovery. Today it already shows unmistakable signs of a clear improvement. She eats well, she is much calmer and little by little she is getting ahead.

“She was extremely thin, dehydrated, weak and anemic as a result of the abuse during the pregnancy and the loss of the babies. Why did someone do that to this poor stray dog? Did they beat her just because she tried to find food for her babies? ”Commented the organization.

Of course, after having suffered such despicable cruelty, Lisa was scared, distrustful, always on the defensive. She refused even to hydrate, so the vital liquid was administered through a syringe.

Although the furry girl still has a long way to go to be in her ideal shape, she begins to show signs of being the bearer of an extraordinary personality. She even goes out for walks and exercises a little, enjoying the beauty of the love that was once denied her.

Share this story with your friends to raise awareness. Enough of a world so indolent and merciless with animals, but when the damage is done to a pregnant furry, what else can we expect from humanity?