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Mistreated pit bull finds unexpected friendship in giant rabbit: ‘Instant connection’

When friendship is genuinely true, no time, distance, race, or even species can stop it. If cats and dogs can become best friends, there’s no reason to think that between a dog and a rabbit would be any different. Even almost like brothers from different mothers. pitbull

Grace was abused and used in street fights by her former owners, who tied her to a tree. Along with her new family, she understood

that love crosses any barrier. A man rescues a pit bull who has been nailed to train tracks and gives him a new lease on life.

When Mindy Hayes of Pennsylvania (USA) adopted her rabbit Sophie last year, she knew she had to take certain precautions when introducing her to her other pets. Jealousy and fear of the unknown can be hindrances in these cases, and sometimes animals react instinctively, rejecting the newcomer.

Mindy’s biggest concern was Grace, a 2-year-old pit bull. “Grace had a difficult childhood. Before being rescued, she was used for street fights and later found tied to a tree, alone,” Hayes told animal news portaL.

What she didn’t know was an instant connection between them. “They sniffed each other out, and from then on, everything blossomed,” she said. The two new sisters have become inseparable since then. Wherever Sophie jumped, Grace ran after her. They got along so well; they even began to clean up and sleep together on the couch in the house.

“I cannot separate them. Grace follows Sophie everywhere, lying next to her on the couch and licking her head. Grace licks Sophie until she’s soaked if she’ll let her!” continues the woman.

Like dogs, rabbits are also very friendly, which means they form a very special bond with humans and other living things. In this case, with a pit bull. And letting another person or animal clean it up is definitely a sign of trust and caring on your part.

“Knowing that Grace has been abused and still loves everyone around her, especially a rabbit, is a demonstration of how genuine dogs are. She wants to be friends with everyone she meets,” said Hayes.

“Sophie loves sitting on the couch above us, and she licks our hands as we stroke her. She is very friendly and happy”, meaning the perfect match for a bitch as happy as Grace