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Fox Is So Happy To See Her Two Favorites Humans After A Long Time That She Never Forgot Them

Peter Lewis and Mark Strachan are two talented Scottish photographers. They shoot amazing pictures of wild animals on the northeast coast of Scotland.

One day they saw a little fox and for six months, they came to visit and see this baby eventually.

Fox is so happy now to see these men again. She never forgot them.

She really loved them since the beginning. So cute!

“We turned up and used our way of letting her know we were there, and she was out like a dog that had been waiting for its master all day,” Lewis said. “We became her foster parents. There was one month I had to rely on Mark to feed her as holidays in the highlands stopped me from getting out seeing her. When I saw her again I was not let down as the cub that once looked so vulnerable was blossoming into a very beautiful vixen and she hadn’t forgotten me.”

They have such a strong connection between them.

“She was bolder than ever coming right up and sat yards from me,” said the photographer of the emotional reunion. “This is a wild fox and it amazes me as to how much this she let us into her life, maybe she was relying on us to help her into adulthood”, he told Bored Panda.

Such a lovely and amazing friendship between these two talented photographers and the fox.