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Dog Finds Blind Kitten And The Family Saves Him

Rose Jenkins had just returned from a stroll with her dog, Jai, and they were on their way back to their condo. Jai abruptly yanked on his leash as they walked down an alley to their door.

Jenkins, who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, stated, “I assumed he got the aroma of some food, but it was different.” “I was amazed by how jumpy and startled he was. I had no idea if it was a rat… or what it was.”

Jenkins then discovered a little black and white kitten lurking between the walls of an abandoned hotel and some rusty pipes. Jai may have surprised the cat by running straight into the motel wall and freezing.

“The kitten… remained there bewildered, as though puzzled or lost,” Jenkins explained. “I saw his ribs and how slender he was right away.”

Jenkins gripped Jai’s leash tighter, but Jenkins knew he didn’t want to damage the kitten.

“He adores kitties,” Jenkins explained. “When we had a litter of kittens before they were all adopted, he was the finest foster mom.” He was really interested, but I didn’t want him to scare the cat away, so I left the kitten there and ran Jai back upstairs to our apartment, crossing my fingers and hoping the kitten was still there when I returned downstairs. I demanded that my husband bring me a cat box and a blanket. ‘Oh no, what did you discover now?’ he exclaimed. “I told him, ‘Jai found a cat!’”

The kitten had not moved when Jenkins returned.

“He was simply squatted and rotating his head from side to side, maybe getting his bearings,” Jenkins explained. “That’s when he ‘looked’ directly at me, and my mouth fell – he didn’t have any eyes!”

The cat was definitely afraid, as Jenkins could see his ribcage going up and down as he breathed rapidly.

Jenkins bent down and carefully placed a blanket around the kitty before he chose to run. She then grabbed him up, placed him in the box, and took him up to her condo.

But the cat was really sick – he was covered in fleas, his eye sockets were diseased, and he stank. He needed to get to the vet as soon as possible.

She attempted to hail a cab, but every driver she approached refused to take her and the cat to the clinic. So she used the subway, despite the fact that animals are not permitted on the trains.

“I concealed him in a rucksack that I carried on my front,” Jenkins explained. “I got through security and onto the train, praying the entire time that the cat wouldn’t scream for the 10-minute journey.”

Jenkins arrived at the vet facility 10 minutes before it closed, but she and the cat, now called Aldous, were still welcomed.

“All the veterinarians came in and were in awe of tiny Aldous,” Jenkins explained. “They couldn’t believe he’d made it as a blind kitten.”

“They immediately started giving him IV fluids and flea medication, and then they started wiping out his eyes,” she continued. “He was extremely gentle and quiet… purring in response to our touch.” He was too thin and frail to have surgery straight soon, so the veterinarians gave him three days of fluids and healthy diet. On the fourth day, he was sedated and had surgery to clean out his eye sockets, remove the tear duct, and suture the eye sockets together.”

Jenkins went to the vet with Aldous every day, trying to find out the best strategy for him. She wanted to keep Aldous, but she had numerous dogs, including Jai, and she doubted Aldous would appreciate living in her apartment with them.

She contacted PAWS Bangkok, a local rescue organization, and the team agreed to pay for some of his medical treatment as well as assist in finding Aldous a home — and he did find the greatest possible family.

“Many people kept up with the story and tracked his growth,” Jenkins said, “but one family stood out.” “Ethan and his girlfriend stated that they had a blind female cat and would want to provide her with a companion.” They understood exactly how to care for a blind kitten and were more than prepared to devote the necessary time and attention. I couldn’t stop crying the first time they emailed us images. Aldous was put to death by his sister cat, who took him under her paw and cleaned him. Aldous began following her around and teaching himself how to ‘cat.’”

Jenkins is overjoyed with how everything has come out.

“The most astounding element of this story is how I might have missed this adorable kitty by a fraction of a second,” she remarked. “Every day, I travel the same route and at the same time, and I’d never seen him before.” He is a true survivor. “I’m alone in a dark, dangerous world, famished, blind, and flea-infested.”

“He is now enjoying the dream life with a family that adores him,” she continued. “I’m so delighted he survived as long as he did, and that he now has a shot at a bright, new life!” Every animal deserves a good existence.”