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After An Embracing Photo Went Viral A Shelter Dog Rescues His Closest Pal From Euthanasia

Life may be brutal to man’s greatest friend at times, and too many dogs end themselves in shelters. While for some, adoption marks the start of a new chapter, for others, the situation is devastating because the only alternative option is to be put down.

I grieve every time I see a dog in a situation like this as a dog lover. However, as much as we wish to rescue these poor creatures, we are sometimes unable to do so.

For Kala and Keira, two dogs at Atlanta-based Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, the fate seemed to be sealed. They were about to be euthanized as no one wanted to adopt them, even if they were such loving and well-trained puppies.

For the par time was running out, so the volunteers from the shelter tried one last attempt to find them a new home. They shared a photo of the pair hugging on Facebook in their desperate attempt to save them.

Credit: Kala & Keira Hugging Dogs
“My name is Kala. My name is Keira. We’re all terrified in here. The folks who work at the shelters realize how terrified we are, yet they simply told each other that our deadline is today.

Someone will take her away from me if no one helps us. As she walks down the corridor, I’ll see her. I’ll cry if she doesn’t return. They’ll come for me next, and I won’t be as brave,” they captioned the photo.

Credit: Kala & Keira Hugging Dogs
And they succeed, as the powerful image went viral in minutes. In less than two hours since the photo was posted on Facebook, Kala and Keira’s savior just stepped in.

“There are no words to tell you how happy we are that these two best friends are safe and together!” the shelter staff said.

Credit: Kala & Keira Hugging Dogs
Thankfully, these two young ladies are already settled in their new home. This story’s conclusion could not have been more perfect.